Enhance your trading with customized cost analysis

By | November 20, 2015

cost analysisIn the present era, many new methods are creating a revolution in terms of technology used for trading. High speeding algorithmic trading process, which has so far been prevalent, is now facing a challenge with the coming of customized transaction cost analysis, or TCA. TCA allows traders and market participants to focus on the overall trade performance chart. With the coming of this method, the overall management of execution costs and venue performance has bettered.

OneTick, from OneMarketData, is the ideal platform for customized TCA services. It provides a core set of necessary capabilities for measuring both the real time and historical trade transactions. It does with the help of its low-latency engine and the capabilities it posses.

Exclusive features of the service

TCA offers some unique aspects, which we shall take a look at.

  • It has market price benchmarks and high precision analytical libraries for TCA.
  • It consists of the likes of real time processing engine, historical time series database managing and visual dashboards.
  • Data exists in cleansed and normalized form, such as orders, deals, executions etc.
  • It boasts of a simplified or extensive development methodology. Small footprint architecture is also a plus point.
  • It allows for the building of various analytical models for impact of markets, execution/broker performance etc.

Why to choose OneTick?

OneTick is the best platform to carry out unique and detailed analysis on trading business, both in real time and historical elements. Precise measures also can be adapted through its workings.

  • Visualization of data and analytical judgment from resources like various databases, trading platforms etc. can be done accurately.
  • Enhancement of insights provided to you, for the execution quality, is one of its best features.
  • It is also fully fault tolerant, which helps reduce mistakes in the analyzing process.
  • Fully authenticated security with per data access benefits the entire procedure.
  • It also acts as graphical query building tool.
  • Batch data loading, with the help of TCA services, is another exceptional feature of the service.

Additional benefits

  • Enhances execution quality by emphasizing the whole process brilliantly. Better transaction processes also can be undertaken with its help.
  • For the real time analytical data processing, you can trust their services completely.
  • It features smart technology oriented time series data management.
  • Superb efficiency in terms of quantitative research and cost analysis will help you to make your choices.
  • Offers smart data management solutions for quantitative data research. This procedure will guide you in comprehensive and skillful data management in all sectors.

Transaction cost analysis is becoming popular day by day, and especially among cross booker and cross asset visibility investors. Relying on visualization, analytics and data management, a customized solution such as that of OneTick, encompasses the capabilities that allow for better trade performances. Its customization options put real power at the hands of traders themselves, thereby enabling them to make more conscious decisions. So, if you are on the lookout for a great trading tool, OneTick can be your companion.